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About the Library

This Library has more than 56.000 volumes in stock. This includes 24.000 monographs, which are online accessible via online-catalogue-University Library of TU Berlin. More than 1.700 periodical titles are also available online. Some 3.500 monographs and 4.000 periodical volumes have appeared before 1900. The oldest book of the library dates from 1529, the oldest periodical from 1783. The library collects garden literature from all over Europe. Its stock is unrivalled in German speaking countries. Many titles are available only at this library.

History of the German Horticultural Library

The early days of the library reach back to the times of Peter Joseph Lenné (1789-1866), the royal Prussian garden director. Lenné was instrumental in the foundation of the Society for the Promotion of Horticulture in the Royal Prussian States in 1822. In 1910 the name of this society was changed to German Horticulture Society. In 1936 the material (books, journals etc.) of this society became amalgamated with that of the Reichs-union of German Horticulture which included that of the German Pomologists' Association of 1860, and that of the German Society for Garden Art. Thus the German Horticultural Library was created. Robert Zander, the first librarian of the new library from 1936 to 1969 had been instrumental for this joint effort.

Also in 1936 the Association German Horticultural Library was founded. It was reestablished in 1952. The mission of this association is the collection, maintenance, and admistration of garden literature. In 1965 the association made a 90 year contract with the university library of the Technical University Berlin. The contract rules that the materials of the association rsp. its library are placed within the stacks and shelves of the department horticultural library of the university library. Both, the Association German Horticultural Library and the department horticultural library of the Technical University Berlin cooperate closely. Ever since books have been acquired both by the Association German Horticultural Library and by the department horticultural library. Additionally the library holds heritage materials from professionals such as Gustav Allinger, Joseph Becker-Dillingen, Erich Maurer, Camillo Schneider, Wolfgang Sörrensen, Theodor Waage, and Max Weber. Rara, among them pre-1945 periodicals, are under lock and key. A special library source is the socalled 'Zander- card file', some 215.000 library cards, which allow to trace by catchword articles of the most important German horticultural periodicals until 1920.

Membership in the Association German Horticultural Library

The Association German Horticultural Library is a non-profit organisation. Membership consists of individual and corporate members. Many of the corporate members have an exchange arrangement with the Association. The minimum annual membership fee is 35 Euros. Higher contributions are welcome. They will be used for the acquisition of new and for the conservation of old books. Application is open to everybody. Application forms may be obtained by writing to the secretary general of the association under the address given below. Once an application is received the board decides upon acceptance and notifies the applicant.

Membership includes two issues per year of ZANDERA which are mailed free to each member. ZANDERA is the library bulletin edited by the Association of the German Horticultural Library. The bulletin not only informs about recent acquisitions but also carries professional articles about gardening, plant history, biography, reviews, as well as reports about activities of the Association German Horticultural Library etc. with English summaries. Many back issues of the bulletin are still available.

Members of the Association German Horticultural Library do not have to pay user fees for the use of the German Horticultural Library which non-members have to. For those who do not live in Berlin there is the additional advantage that wanted books may be sent via mail if postage and insurance are prepaid. Rare books, reference books and periodicals are excluded from this service. If personell and technical equipment permits copies may be ordered. Photographs from rare books are possible. Please get in contact with the library in order to find out the best solution for you.

The Association German Horticultural Library encourages membership. Increasing membership can help to raise the level of awareness for the treasures this unique library has to offer. Only more members can secure the money these treasures need in order to keep them accessible and in good shape.

Department Horticultural Library address

Bücherei des Deutschen Gartenbaues
c/o TU, Universitätsbibliothek, Abt. Gartenbaubücherei
Fasanenstr. 88
10623 Berlin
telephone +49 (030) 314 76 149
fax +49 (030)

Association German Horticultural Library adress

Prof. Dr. Gert Groening

Dr. habil. Clemens Alexander Wimmer

Please direct all inquiries which regard the Association German Horticulture Library and its bulletin ZANDERA to:

Frank Singhof
- Secretary General -
Association German Horticultural Library